thumb anatomy

Thumb Anatomy

thumb anatomy

thumb anatomy

How our thumb formed on our hand has a big part forming how we do our lives. The evolution that makes us have the opposable thumbs really makes it easier for us to use the tools that we need in our daily life. While thumb anatomy is the first one that we can see from the five digits on our hands, it is not actually count as a finger.thumb anatomy joint

The great thing about opposable thumbs is that the construction of it gives us the ability to have a wide range of motion. Not only that, we can also touch tips with the other fingers which makes the coordination between them a lot more nuanced. This affects greatly on how we make the tools to assist us.thumb anatomy diagrams

By looking at the anatomical structure of the thumbs, we can see that they are compromised by metacarpal bones that are connected to the trapezium.  Trapezium itself is a carpal bones in the wrist that usually controls the movement of our whole hands. The connection between the two also connect the distal phalanx, or the tip of the finger, to the blood supply from the arms. But uniquely, unlike other fingers, the thumbs don’t have the intermediate phalanx bones in the middle of the finger.

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