Throat Anatomy diagram

Throat Anatomy

Throat Anatomy diagram One of the most important part of our digestive system is the throat anatomy. The unique thing about this is that they have the function to manage the coordination between how we swallow and how we breathe. Generally, the throat is divided to 3 main sections that control the whole functions of it. Here they are.

The first one is Oropharynx which is the most outer part of the human throat. This part includes the soft palate that you can generally see from outside of the mouth, the side and the back wall of throat and also your tonsils.anatomy of the throat

Meanwhile, the Hypopharynx is the part of the throat that is located before the esophagus. This the deepest part of human throat that functions as the gateway between the stomach and the lung. When you breathe, the tube to the stomach will be closed. Meanwhile, when you swallow something, it will open the stomach tube and close the lung airway. The functional of this part of your throat prevents you from choking your food and blocking your breathing.

Other than those two, Nasopharynx is also very important in making sure that you can enjoy your food and oxygen with no problem at all. This one is located right at the back of your nasal cavity. The function is mostly to make sure that the air you breathe is clean and in a good condition for your body.

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