Diagram Of The Skin That We Have To Know As Human

Diagram Of The Skin

Diagram Of The Skin That We Have To Know As HumanDiagram Of The Skin That We Have To Know As Human

Diagram of the skin should be understood by every human in the world. It is important for us to know the structure of our skin and caring them every day. Moreover, skin is the outer layer of our body. It means that skin will protect us from any dust, weather or other bad things out there. Anyway, here is the structure of our skin starting from the outer layer firstly.

skin epidermis diagrams | anatomyDiagram of the Skin Epidermis

Our first skin diagram structure shows that the outer layer or the first layer of our skin. It is called as epidermis. We can see our epidermis without microscope. In other words, what we know about skin so far is just the epidermis. For your information, epidermis has many variants of thickness. Every human has his own thickness by the way based on their body. This is a funny fact about epidermis that we will lose more than 30k skin cells every day and it happens on our epidermis. Luckily, it will be replaced with the new one from the lower part of our epidermis. This process is well-known as shedding. Epidermis has actually five layers. They are Stratum Corneum, Stratum Lucidum, Stratum Granulosum, Stratum Spinosum and Stratum Germinativum.

Diagram of the Skin Dermis

Now, we are on the second part of this skin diagram structure, dermis. This is what we call as the true skin. In other words, it is the skin which covers our blood and lymph. Inside the dermis, we found the sweat, muscles, hair and sebaceous glands. Those parts are very important for our body. Without dermis, our vital organ such as blood will be only covered by epidermis. It means our body won’t make a good skin after all.

skin dermis diagrams | anatomyDiagram of the Skin below the Dermis

Below the second part of skin, dermis, we could found the layer of fat. Dermis is the main essential part of the skin that also contains nerve endings, blood vessels, hair follicles, oil glands and also sweat glands. The sweat glands take a role to control any oils to the surface of the skin.  Do you know that actually  everyday, sweat could be released up to 2,000 ml per day. It depends on the personal’s body needs and also the body temperature at that time.  For your information the function of fat is to insulate our body from extreme temperature and that is the lowest part of our diagram of the skin.

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