Diagram of Femur or the Thigh Bone

Diagram of Femur or the Thigh Bone

Diagram of Femur or the Thigh BoneDiagram of Femur or the Thigh Bone

Diagram of Femur is another nickname of diagram of thigh bone. Femur is actually the strongest and the longest bone which is occurred in the skeleton. It forms the leg and it helps the people to stand strongly for a long time. Apparently, different people will have different femur anatomy. Even the male and female have different degree of inclination, different pelvis, and so on.

Some Main Parts in Diagram of Femur

Diagram of femur bone has some main parts in the upper part. They are the head, the neck, and also the lesser trochanter. The head faces the upward and it has smooth surfaces covered with the fresh state cartilage. The lower part under the head is the neck. It has wide base and actually this lower part will turn to be lessened whenever someone grows up especially after they reach puberty. As what the function of the neck, it is used to support the head so that it is still in its place. Diagram of Femur shows us about the gentle curve that can be seen from the body axis. The neck itself has the angle for about 125 degree in the body yet the different proportion might happen due to the pelvis development and its stature.Femur or the Thigh Bone diagrams

Diagram of Femur also shows the observer about the trochanters. The trochanters are another edge of bones that is connected to the neck. These trochanters are placed under the neck and they are connected to the muscles so that the trochanters themselves have the ability to be able to rotate our thigh as human, of course in the axis. Trochanters themselves are divided into two: the greater trochanters and the lesser trochanters. As the greater means the bigger, it can be inferred that the greater has the large form with the irregular shape placed at the neck junction. Its lateral surface is rough and also broad with the diagonal mark.

What about the lesser trochanters? The lesser trochanters have the shape of conical which have different sizes. There are three borders which have different names like the medial, the lateral, and also the summit. The summit is the highest part of the trochanters. It has the rough surface while the lateral is placed in the mid division of linea aspera. The medial border is placed on the lowest part of the neck. These names sound too confusing for you whenever you cannot imagine where the neck is, where the summit is, and where the head is. You can find all this information in Diagram of Femur.

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