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Diagram of Human Digestive System and Functions

human digestive system parts and functions | parts | diseasesDiagram of Human Digestive System and Functions

Diagram of human digestive system and functions does really pamper all the observers as it provides all the detail information that the observers might need without too much written text attached or without too much talking that you might be too lazy to listen. By having this kind of diagram, the observers themselves will explore what they want to know and all the functions that each organ has for the body. As it is tagged as the human digestive diagram, of course, it will show you how the human digest the food and where the food goes down and be well-processed.

human digestive system parts and functionsDiagram of Human Digestive System and Functions for Better Understanding

Diagram of human digestive system and functions can be divided into 6, such as food ingestion, food digestion, fluid secretion, nutrient absorption, waste excretion, and also food mixing and the movement. The beginning of the human digestive system starts from the mouth. The first food’s journey starts from mouth which is also popular as the name of theoral cavity.

Indeed, the mouth that the people need is not the only mouth without any kinds of minor organs inside it. Say it like teeth, tongue, and also salivary gland. In processing the food, teeth make the food gets smaller and smoother. The salivary glands will help mouth to lubricate the food so that it goes smoothly into the throat by the help of tongue.

Human digestive system diagram shows the mouth, then throat and esophagus as the second step after the mouth. Throat is a tube that looks like a funnel which links the mouth to the esophagus. The food delivers to be given to esophagus or the air to be sent to lungs are its main objectives. Meanwhile esophagus is also a tube that connects the throat into the stomach. Stomach is the place where all the food is stored before the food goes to the small intestines. The small intestines look like a fold which can have the maximum the food digestion.

The next diagram of digestive system has the liver, pancreas, and then the large intestines. Liver is used for the bile productions and also secreting the food into small intestines. The large intestines will absorb the water so that the wastes can be broken down and thrown out of the body. In order to let you know more information about the human body, you can equip your study with diagram of human digestive system and functions.