Stomach Diagram labeled

Stomach Diagram

stomach diagram anatomyStomach Diagram

The stomach is one of the most vital organs in our body that is located around the left part under the diaphragm. While understanding the stomach diagram will not help immensely with prevention of diseases, it will surely help us to understand how we can keep it healthy.

Located just in the upper abdomen, the stomach receives the food intakes that you eat every day from the esophagus. On the upper part of the stomach, a small sphincter is located that will prevent the food from going up again, especially when you are laying down. This valve also prevent the acidic liquid from stomach to disturb the function of your upper organs.

Inside the stomach, it will be lined up with muscle tissue called rugae line in the form of ridges. These ridges usually contract periodically to churn the foods with the help of acid and enzymes. On the lower part of your stomach, a small sphincter is also available that will pass digested foods to go to your small intestines.

One of the most occurring cases of diseases that can come on the stomach is the gastroenteritis. People usually call this the stomach flu and is caused by virus and bacteria. Make sure that you always keep your food and environment clean to prevent this nonfatal but annoying condition.

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