lung lobes anatomy diagram segment definition

Lung Lobes Anatomy

lung lobes anatomy diagram segment definition

Lung lobes anatomy

Lung is one of the most amazing organs that you have in your body. It can function 24 hours a day, even when you are asleep. Our lung lobes anatomy is generally divided into fissures inside of it. Interestingly, the left and right lung will have different arrangement. Our right lung has superior lobe, middle lobe, and inferior lobe. Meanwhile, the left one only has superior lobe and inferior lobe.

The lobes that can be found inside out lung is usually characterized by the main connection of each other inside the lung. The interesting is that smaller parts of out lung have a very minimal interaction with other lobes. That also means that our lung lobes pretty much have their own functional units inside the lung and work independently.

Furthermore, each of the lobe has a pretty much the same pathology with subdivision into the segments of pulmonary branches. This is the main feature of the lung that will supply your body with the oxygen intake from nose.

One other interesting thing from the lung anatomy is that the middle lobe of right and left are located symmetrically. But the middle lobe on the left is considered too small to be assigned as its own part.

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