anatomy of the foot

foot anatomy diagram

anatomy of the footfoot anatomy diagram

The strength of our feet makes it possible for us to perform a lot of activities in our daily life, such as walking, jumping, running and etc. This is actually the result of the whole system working together well, from the bones, joints, soft muscle tissues and other things. But usually, our foot diagram is divided into three big section, which each of them have their own separate sections.foot bone anatomy

The first one is the forefoot. This is the bare bottom part of our feet that are constructed by two main parts, phalanges and metatarsals. Phalanges are the bones that formed the toes on the feet that we can see outward. Meanwhile, the metatarsals are the long bones that connected the toes to the main frame of the feet.

In the middle of the feet, three unique bones formed a pyramid like structure that also make our feet to have arches. The bones provides use the ease to walk and also the ability to squat with no problem.foot anatomy diagram

Lastly, on the back of the foot, we can find calcaneus bones that form the heel. It is also the place for talus bones, or we usually call it as ankle. Both of them support the weight of our body.

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