Chest Bones Anatomy

Chest bones anatomy diagrams labelChest Bones Anatomy

Chest bones anatomy provides a combination of strong and protective cage for the rib to prevent bad things to happen to the vital organ inside your chest, including the heart and lungs. Meanwhile, it will also act as an anchor of the body, from the head, neck, shoulders, to the whole portion of body trunk. Not only that, the muscle around the bones also make it stronger to aid any dangerous threat to the internal organs.

Chest Bones Anatomy diagrams

First thing that is important from the chest bone is the sternum. Sternum is actually a bone that is shaped thinly and flat which is also known as breastbone. On the side of it, we can see the ribs which are the long and curved bones with thickness no more than one of two centimeters.

Human generally has seven sets of superior ribs that connect the front and the back bones of the body. These are the main protection from external forces for lungs and heart. Just under the superior set, there are 7 false ribs that don’t connect to the sternum, but still important to how we form our posture. Meanwhile, two other pairs on the bottom are also there to give additional protection for the organs around them.

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