ischiofemoral ligament

ischiofemoral ligament

ischiofemoral ligamentischiofemoral ligament

Ligaments are thickened tissue that connect bones (to other bones) in the human body. a logament reinforcing the posterior portion of the fiber membrane, surrounding the hip. The hip joint, also known as acetabulofemoral joint is where the femur connects the leg to the pelvis. It can be compared to a ball joint that allows a variety of movements.

This joint has five ligaments. The ischiofemoral ligament is a ligament of very strong fibers that connect the pelvis and femur. The specific bone is attached to the aschium, which is at the bottom and back of the hip bone. Its name is derived from a Greek word, ischion means the hip. Femoral that comes from the Latin word femur, translated as thigh. So the name suggests the connection between the hip and thigh.

It’s attached medially to the ischium, posteroinferior only for the acetabulum and laterally to the ischial tuberosity deep into the iliofemoral ligament. it helps the hip joint and reducing the required amount of energy to stabilize muscle to maintain a standing position

The ischiofemoral ligament thickens the back of the capsule and consists of three parts. The central part, the upper ligament of ischiofemoral superolaterally spirals ischium, where it joins the deep posterior acetabular grip behind the neck of the femur to the greater trochanter in the iliofemoral ligament. ischiofemoral lower lateral and medial posterior ligaments include the circumference of the femoral neck.

The capsule of the hip joint has about two layers of fibrous webs. A layer is in longitudinal alignment; the other is circular. Mixtures of ligaments ischiofemoral fibers with circular ligaments and intertrochanteric femoral line is applied.

The ischiofemoral ligament (ischiocapsular; ischiocapsular ligament; ligament Bertin) consists of a triangular strip of solid fibers on the back side of the hip joint. Their fibers extend below the ischium and at a point behind the hip socket mixed with the circular fibers at the rear end of the capsule and connected to the intertrochanteric femoral line.